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About the Books

Trials of the Four Olympians

My name is Iris Dimitriadis, after visiting the Oracle of Delphi on my 18th birthday, I’m shocked to my core, to find out that I am a demigod! Yes, you heard correctly, a demigod! And one that is an offspring to one of the mighty gods.

I never believed in the Greek gods until I started showing superhuman abilities, and this drastic change of events has awakened a forbidden prophecy, that no mere mortal could ever hope to complete.

The barrier between the god’s and humans has never been crossed before, well at least not until now.

Everything changed on that fateful night, when the gods received a prophecy from the Oracle of Delphi exclaiming that Mount Olympus will be overthrown and destroyed by an evil fiend, and that only four demigods would be able to save them from destruction.
These four demigods, offspring to the mighty gods of Olympus, will hold the fate of both worlds in their hands.

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Trials for the Gods

Greek gods? Just myths, right?

My name is Iris Dimitriadis, daughter of Zeus, the supreme ruler of the gods.

A few years ago, my whole life changed the moment I received a prophecy. If you’ve stayed up to date with my life, you’ll know I was one of the prophesied demigods that helped save Mount Olympus from destruction.

The world has changed significantly since then…The barrier between the gods and mortals was demolished the moment the gods came to reveal themselves to the mortals of Earth. Zeus has decided to further showcase their might and power. To prove they are the ‘Rulers of Humanity and only true gods’, an event was established, where demigods must compete annually via a set of perilous Trials.

The Trials take place yearly after the cold season has ended, on an island named Hράκλεια Nήσος – Hirakleia Nissos. Meaning the Island of Hercules. As demigods, we are now solely trained to survive these Trials.

Thus, creating a modern form of entertainment for the gods.

The offspring of Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, and Apollo are in a deadly predicament once again.

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