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Trials of the Four Olympians

My name is Iris Dimitriadis, after visiting the Oracle of Delphi on my 18th birthday, I’m shocked to my core, to find out that I am a demigod! Yes, you heard correctly, a demigod! And one that is an offspring to one of the mighty gods.

I never believed in the Greek gods until I started showing superhuman abilities, and this drastic change of events has awakened a forbidden prophecy, that no mere mortal could ever hope to complete.

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Trials for the Gods

Greek gods? Just myths, right?

My name is Iris Dimitriadis, daughter of Zeus, the supreme ruler of the gods.

A few years ago, my whole life changed the moment I received a prophecy. If you’ve stayed up to date with my life, you’ll know I was one of the prophesied demigods that helped save Mount Olympus from destruction.

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